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  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-salted-caramel-cut-19

    Salted Caramels

    Plain caramel enrobed in milk chocolate, sprinkled with kosher salt

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-plain-above-15

    Licorice Caramel

    Our traditional caramel with a black licorice flavor, enrobed in milk chocolate.

    Licorice Caramels are Special Order. Please allow 3-5 days for production.

    Call for details, or see our Special Orders Page.

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-plain-cut-16

    Plain Caramels

    Plain caramel enrobed in milk chocolate

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-pecan-cut-13

    Pecan Caramels

    Caramel with pecans, enrobed in milk chocolate.

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-crispy-cut-09

    Crispy Beckie Bites

    Beckie Bites are our soft-chewy caramel with crispy rice blended in for a crispy bite, with the chewy caramel. Enrobed in milk chocolate.

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-chocolate-caramel-above-05

    Chocolate Caramel

    Just like our plain caramel, with a bit of chocolate added for a perfect Chocolate Caramel. Enrobed in milk chocolate.

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-chocolate-almond-cut-07

    Chocolate Almond Caramel

    Chocolate caramel with almonds, enrobed in dark chocolate.

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-cashew-cut-04

    Cashew Chellie Bites

    Chellie Bites are our soft-chewy caramel with cashew bits, enrobed in dark chocolate

  • csc-feb-2014-single-caramel-dark-caramel-marshmallow-cut-02

    Caramel Marshmallow

    Pillowy soft marshmallow on top of Cummings Signature caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate.