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A Family Tradition Since 1924

Always handmade in small batches with time honored recipes to preserve the qualities of taste and texture, Cummings Studio Chocolates cannot, and will never be mass produced.

It’s no surprise that our world-renowned chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, contain no preservatives, and have never touched a freezer.

We regularly ship to chocolate connoisseurs worldwide: throughout the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim and beyond. We have been recognized on the Food Network, and have received numerous local, national, and international awards.

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We now have the majority of our delightful and happiness making Cummings Chocolates and candies found at our shop available right here on our website!

Hand-Made for 95 Years

We’ve use the exact same recipes that our grandfathers used before us to create the most delicious, World famous Cummings Chocolates and confections by hand!

Colorful History

The founder of Cummings Studio Chocolates, Victor Clyde Cummings, ended up becoming a World-class Chocolatier making his all original Cummings Chocolates from having taken a home economics class to meet girls at the age of 15!

Premium Chocolate

All of our delicious handmade treats are made with only the very finest of ingredients. Hand-crafted fondants that are light, fluffy and smooth, then coated in dark and milk chocolate from Millcreek Cacao Roasters and Merckens.

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